About Us

Safety & Accreditations

Prime Cut is only interested in presenting the best quality meat to help you meet your supply needs. We believe that providing choice is the best way to assist you in making informed decisions about your fresh, frozen and small goods meat supply.

To do this we have sourced the industry’s best performers as our suppliers, while ensuring our own preparation standards are managed by an intensive and detailed quality management system.

Prime Cut follows Aus-Meat systems, assuring the highest quality meat preparation and condition of the final product.

Compliance with Aus-Meat quality assurance standards means each buyer benefits from a consistently monitored quality meat management system. Aus-Meat compliance is voluntary and only those truly committed to providing quality meat and high standards of preparation are accredited.

  • Investment in quality equipment and software
  • Extensive staff training
  • Commitment to quality and quality objectives
  • Conformity of product
  • Quality procedure and work instruction systems
  • Rigorous evaluation of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Maintaining a controlled environment
  • Mandatory inspection procedure
  • Assurance of complete test result records
  • Dedication to meeting detailed handling and storage procedures
  • Assured packaging, preservation and delivery requirements

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